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Yue finds your lack of cleanliness disturbing by Taichan02
Yue finds your lack of cleanliness disturbing
People kept tracking water and dust into the room and he finally reached his breaking point and started cleaning up after someone else tracked mud in. 
He's not happy. He can't stand a mess and to leave something like that unattended is against his morals.

At least this is only annoying rather than bad.
Reaching-out-Final by Taichan02
"Once you've been down here for as long as I have, you start to miss living amongst the stars."

For the :iconea-lec: prompt 'Reaching out'

Yue's feeling a little homesick.
Yutrich by Taichan02
For the :iconea-lec: prompt 'Fusion'

These two make for a pretty interesting, if not kinda weird fusion. They don't really like each other (or I should say Yue doesn't like Dietrich.) They'd be a rather unstable fusion, but powerful for the time while they're fused. As a fusion, Yutrich controls both lightning and fire and take on abilities from both Yue and Dietrich. He's still capable of shifting into dragon form, but that makes the fusion a bit more unstable than staying in human form. 

I had way too much fun trying to figure out a common ground for their color scheme, but eventually it happened. Don't think they appreciate the pink, but I like it.

Yue and Dietrich belong to me 

yue will be getting the EXP this time.
character-selection-screen-EA by Taichan02
For :iconea-lec:

EA: Brawl is a fighting game that allows the player to choose a member of the EA to fight as. The game features a free for all mode and a story mode. You start off with a few characters for selection and story mode gives you opportunity to unlock more through the story depending on the paths you take. Free for all mode allows for three rounds to be fought while story mode only requires one round to be won to progress. Story mode also features large bosses that have a chance of unlocking mystery characters and each fight allows for you to earn points or even rare armor/ costume drops for different characters.

The game Mechanics for this game are similar to Soul Calibur. B (Circle) button for small attack [but fast], A (X) button for Guard), X for regular attack, and Y for larger [but slower] attack. Double tapping the right and left directional button allows for your character to dash in either direction, down allows them to crouch and up allows them to jump or double jump. Combining the d-pad and attack buttons allows for combo attacks that deal more damage.

With each attack, successful or otherwise, a gauge slowly fills up. Once it fills, you'll be able to execute a final smash that varies between each character and unleash a powerful attack. For example, Yue here would go into his dragon form and unleash a series of powerful lightning strikes on his opponent. 

Different areas in Elarthe act as the stages for each fight.

Yue belongs to me

Sierra belongs to :iconallysdelta:

The town of Lochwynn is a quiet town located a few miles North of Belcazzar. With a population of less than 300, its a small but cozy town. The little village only has a few larger brick buildings for inns, family homes and farms taking up the rest of the area within the walls. Vender's stands dot the cobblestone walkways, smiling faces of the friendly sellers trying to sell their wares and produce.

The town gives off a warm, old fashioned feel with its cobblestone streets and large stone wall, the wrought-iron gates open even at night to welcome the weary traveler. Everyone in the town knows each other and the citizens are always welcoming to anyone who visits their little village.

However, something sinister has wormed its way into the unsuspecting town...

The people have fallen victim to to a strange and frightening epidemic. Some have suspected that its some sort of disease that is rapidly spreading across the land. Others believe that the epidemic is a curse placed upon the town that is now spreading to the surrounding areas.

Symptoms that the victims have developed are night terrors that come in both sleeping and waking, hallucinations, sleep deprivation, and feeling of energy being drained. In current standing, most of the townspeople have fallen into comas and those who haven’t are in no better shape.

Lochwynn has been put into quarantine to prevent the spread of the disease, but it has already spread to other places, including Belcazzar.

Those affected by the epidemic have said that there are creatures (the townsfolk have taken to calling them Nightmares) that have been wandering about the town, having appeared around the time the night terrors started. They have been described as strange black, ink-like forms with eerie gold eyes. These creatures may have a connection to this epidemic, but no one is entirely sure.

The Nightmares:

The Nightmares are dark, shadowy creatures that have taken residence in the nearby town and in parts of Belcazzar. They are the creatures that are causing the night terrors and feed from the resulting fear to become stronger. Usually they prefer to flee rather than fight, but when cornered or confronted they can take the form of a person’s fear and will attack if threatened. 

These creatures are made up of shadows and have an ink-like consistency to them when they move. When taking on the form of a person’s fear, they have a distinct stylized look to them, like they stepped straight out of a Chinese ink wash painting. They are completely black in coloring, save for the eerie, glowing yellow eyes. They tend to stay away from light and prefer to stick to hiding under the cover of darkness. Its has been observed that the creatures only come out at night, 

(pictures will come soon)
Desperate for help, the remaining townsfolk have come to the Heroes Hideout in hopes that they can help with their problem.

It's up to the members of the Heroes' Hideout :
1. Destroy as many Nightmares in the area. 
2. Follow the Nightmares to see where they go in during the day before they disappear.
3. If possible, find out what or who has brought this epidemic to the world.


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